Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gartner Predicts Smartphone Sales to be 65% of Market by 2012

Gartner Research Director Carolina Milanesi told Dow Jones that consumers worldwide are expected to purchase as many as 190 million smartphones this year, representing an increase of 52% compared to last year.

From a revenue standpoint, 190 million smartphones represents about 15%, or $65 billion-worth, of the total 1.28 billion handsets expected to be sold this year.

In 2012, Milanesi expects smartphone unit sales to reach over 700 million of the total 1.8 billion handset market; that's 65%, or $200 billion-worth, of the total $312 billion mobile phone market at that time.

As far as what smartphone platforms are likely to succeed, Milanesi says: "We are expecting the smartphone market to grow strongly with royalty free operating systems like Symbian, Android, and Linux pushing deeper down into product portfolios," Milanesi said. "Apple's iPhone isn't huge in sales volume, but it helped energize the market. People are now walking into stores and asking for a smartphone, something that didn't really happen in the past."

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wow i hope anything goes well with their business..