Are Tik Tok subscribers important?

Do you need more subscribers? Let’s be honest with others and ourselves! You probably noticed that when your videos do not appear in the recommendations, or rather do not stay there for a long time, the clips are not very well viewed by your subscribers, even if their number on your channel is in the thousands and even tens of thousands. This situation happens because your subscribers can watch videos only because they really want to, after they go to your profile or through the “subscriptions” tab, next to the “recommendations” tab. Yes, on the one hand, everything does not look so attractive as we would like. You may have a question: “Why do we need subscribers and looking for help from TikFuel support if algorithms can promote your video without them?” This is the right question! However, there is one important fact to keep in mind. For the number of fans in TikTok to grow rapidly, you need to work hard on the content. Otherwise, it is difficult to break through, the competition is high and it is really difficult to come up with something original.

The number of subscribers on your channel still play a role in the form of rating, the more subscribers you have, the better your videos are promoted and consistently gain views. Moreover, if you have a good number of subscribers (from 10,000) on your videos, there is less variation in the views of your videos, and even the most unsuccessful video can linger in the recommendations for a long time. With a large number of subscribers, the neural network considers your channel to be popular, more often puts it in recommendations and pours very good coverage. Therefore, whatever one may say, subscribers, as in any other social network, play a huge role in promoting the channel!