Best Translation Apps for iPhone

The iPhone becomes your best friend when you are traveling abroad. This small mobile phone in your pocket opens a whole range of possibilities including real-time translation. So if you have no time for education in Japan to learn the Japanese language, your iPhone can translate everything needed for you.

So here are the top 3 apps that will help you to communicate in a foreign language. You can simply install them to your iPhone and take it with you to your next trip.

  1. iTranslate

The iTranslate app is not among those jaw-dropping but still, it is one of the most popular apps for translation. This dictionary is absolutely free. Still, there is a pro version that allows making offline translations, website translation, verb conjugations, and voice translation.

The app is easy to use. The free version includes dictionaries of over 90 different languages. What is more, it can recognize the language.

  1. iTranslate Voice

The iTranslate will cost you £6.99. The app will translate the spoken word into the foreign language of your choice.

  1. Google Translate

This free app translates the spoken word as well as the typed text. You can download some languages for the offline translation. In combination with a Word Lens app and your iPhone camera, the app can translate any signs. Nice, right?


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